Wild Pacific Trail

Wild Pacific Trail, Uclulet, BC

The following trail description is respectfully borrowed from the Wild Pacific Trail official website, Ucluelet, BC.

Wild Pacific Trail Big Beach Section (4.5 to 5.5 km)

This section begins at the intersection of Marine and Matterson Road. This area features a pebble and shell beach ideal for picnics on sheltered tables, exploring tidepools or a surf-side wander if the tide is not high. You can rejoin the Wild Pacific Trail via Big Beach Park, through Black Rock resort or along Marine Drive.

Wild Pacific Trail Brown’s Beach & Artist Loop Section (5.5 to 8.4 km)

The parking lot just past Black Rock Resort on Marine Drive is your starting point. Turn right to follow a short section of forested trail near a new road. You will soon reach a wilderness coastal trail. Be sure to walk into viewpoints, they offer the best vistas.

About 1.5 kilometres north be sure to visit the newest section of the trail called ARTIST LOOPS. Explore hand-hewn paths through the twisted branches of storm bent trees. Tiny tree forts called “Painter Perches” offer close inspection of the bonsai-like tree canopy. If you have been here before it is worth a return visit.

At the end of this section the most scenic route is to keep to the coastline and double back, the view looks very different in reverse! You can also walk in a loop via the forested access trails to Forbes Road sports field or exit at the Pacific Rim Highway. Turn right to walk the bike path back to town. Maps are available at trail heads.

Many volunteers and sponsors have given their time and energy into making this trail nothing short of a National Treasure.

Trail Phase 5-7 (planned)

Phases 5 – 7 would extend the trail to Halfmoon Bay, in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.

This trail originated through the vision and initiative of Ucluelet’s ‘Oyster Jim’ Martin, and was developed by funds donated to the Wild Pacific Trail Society. The trail will eventually continue northwest 14 km along the outer coast to reach the Long Beach section of Pacific Rim National Park.

For more information and an interpretive map visit: http://www.wildpacifictrail.com/pdf/brochure.pdf


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