Stoney Hill

This 3.02 Km trail takes about an hour and features stunning views of Sansum Narrows. To access the trail from Stoney Hill Road, drive from Duncan to Maple Bay and take the road to Genoa Bay.  I used Heavy-J’s map in the Avenza app for this hike and found it incredibly easy to use and very accurate. Since the maps work offline without the internet (using your phone’s built in GPS) you don’t need WiFi or a phone connection to see where you are. And you don’t have to gobble up all your data to use it.


Englishman River Estuary


This short trail through the Englishman River Estuary Nature Reserve is a favourite amongst bird watchers.

Directions: From the intersection of the Old Island Highway and Shelley Road, drive north 0.4 Kilometers and park at the end of Shelley Road.

Turn right just before the gate and head east to the bank of the Englishman River. Turn left along the river taking care to avoid any of the cut banks that are barricaded off in order to prevent further erosion of the riverbank. Make your way to the dike that borders the estuary and proceed west to the bird watching platform. Continue a short way along the dike that leads to Surfside Resort, most of the old dyke has now been removed. Return back along the dike, turn right at the platform and follow the trail back to the foot of Mill Street. Turn left and follow the trail along the edge of the Nature Reserve back to Shelly Road.