Edmonton, Low to High Level Bridge Loop


Muskoseepi Park (Between Hwy 2 Bypass and 100 Ave)

This is one of the nicest walks in or around Grande Prairie.  The views across the Bear Creek Reservoir to various landmark buildings give the park a picturesque quality reminiscent  of great English parks or New York’s Central Park.

Start the walk at the Visitor Centre just off the Hwy 2 Bypass.  Follow the paved trails along the eastern side of the reservoir then cross Bear Creek at the bridge to the Museum and Heritage Village.  Walk between the Heritage Village and the creek until you regain the paved trail.  Follow the trail past the College and through the Rotary Campground to the bridge back to the Visitor  Centre and Sundail.



Girouxville / Fahler

The Fahler Bee is an Alberta Icon, but near Fahler is the true centre of Peace Country beefarming, Girouxville.  Chez Paradis is one of the leading area Apairists in this largely French Canadian community.  I worked for them for a few days just after leaving high school when I had a dream of homesteading in the Peace Country and raising bees.  A couple of hundred stings later I changed my mind and headed to Fort Walsh, Saskatchewan to help excavate the site of  Cypress Hills Massacre.


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12 Foot Davis

This was the first Alberta Icons I knowingly visited after becoming aware of the program. However, since then, I have made it a goal to visit as many icons as I can in my travels around Alberta. Many of the icons are little more than tacky tourist traps but that has never deterred me before. However that statue of 12 Foot Davis is not only historically interesting, it is well executed and beautifully placed in a charming park. Click on the link at the end of this entry for more information about the Albert Icon program. Or visit the new Geotourism Canada website for more info about

Peace River is known for a number of historic facts and legendary figures. One of the most famous figures was Henry Fuller Davis, nicknamed “Twelve Foot Davis,” by staking a 12’ claim between two other claims during the gold rush which netted Davis more than $15,000 worth of gold. He later built a trading post close to where the Town of Peace River stands today. The Twelve Foot Davis statue can be found at River Front Park in downtown Peace River.