Lantzville Beach

Lantzville Beach

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This is one of several beautiful ocean front walks along the north shore of Nanaimo. Frequent beach accesses allow the walker to create short 1-2 hour loops, by returning to their starting point along residential streets. As with all beach walks, be aware of the tides. Although some may be tempted to turn left at this beach access and head west around Blunden Point, it is strongly recommended that you don’t try to round the point. One slip and you could be in very serious trouble. The return route along Dickenson Road takes you right past the Village Pub in Lantzville, a great place to reward yourself with your favourite beverage. Alternatively, take the route shown here along Jacks and McGill Roads.

Directions: Starting at the end of Sebastion Road in Lantzville, head east along the beach for a little over 1/2 hour. Turn right up the stairs by the large concrete double outfall. At the top of the stairs turn right on Ptarmigan, continue through the walkway to Medds Road and turn right on to Dickenson Road. Turn right on Lantzville Road and right on Sebastion Road to return to the start.


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