Laburnum Road Bypass

The construction of the Laburnum Road Bypass is complete and a couple of good walking areas that had been closed due to construction are finally open again.  This is an excellent route for Nordic Walking as most of it is now on pavement.  There are a couple of good watering holes along the route, as well.

Directions:  Head up the trail across from the entrance to the Shady Rest Pub.  At the top of the hill keep straight on Arbutus Street.  At the intersection of Arbutus Street and Schley Place turn right on the trail that leads into the woods.  Turn left and cross the bridge over the drainage ditch.  Keep left at the Horst Dewitt Lookout ( to the right is a bench with a pleasant view over Grandon Creek).  Keep right at the next 2 minor trail intersections and cross the bridge over Grandon Creek.  Keep right at the next 2 minor intersections and then right at the third. Turn right on the new Rupert Road/Laburnum Road Bypass, cross the road and follow the paved pedestrian path along the left hand side of the road.  At Claymore Road cross the street to the paved pedestrian path along the right hand side of the road.  After crossing the railroad tracks, turn right on the path to the old Laburnum Road.  Proceed past the green metal gate, the new cul-de-sac, and the silver metal gate.  Continue down the hill following the power lines along the old Laburnum Road right-of-way.  This recently improved trail is now gravelled and no longer a muddy bog in winter.  At the bottom of the hill keep straight, cross the Old Island Highway at the Deez Bar and Grill and follow Seacroft Road to the ocean.  Turn right and walk along the water’s edge back to the Shady Rest Pub.

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