Icarus Point

Icarus Point

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This is one of several beautiful ocean front walks along the north shore of Nanaimo. Frequent beach accesses allow the walker to create short 1-2 hour loops, by returning to their starting point along residential streets. As with all beach walks, be aware of the tides. This walk, in particular, has a sandy beach revealed at low tide that makes for easy walking, compared to the cobble stone beach closer to shore. Just compare the photos of two different trips to this beach. This 5.6 Kilometer loop takes about 1 1/2 hours.

´┐╝Directions: Drive to the east end of Waldbank Road (the east extension of Dover Road) in the Uplands Area of Nanaimo. Park and take the stairs marked with the “Public Access” sign down to the Sealand Road right of way. Turn left, go to the beach and turn left again. Approximately 45 minutes after starting turn left up the stairs by a large double outfall. At the top of the stairs, turn left on Ptarmigan Way, continue along Icarus Drive to Waldbank, turn left and return to the start.


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