Queen Elizabeth Provincial Park

This short loop around the campground in the Queen Elizabeth Provincial Park takes just under 45 minutes. Start by parking near the boat launch or playground and then walk along the lakeshore for 12 minutes to the group camping area. Walk around the perimeter of the group area until you pick up a trail to the left that leads into the forest. Fight your way through the clouds of mosquitoes to the viewpoint over looking the small marsh then return to the road near the entrance to the campground. Cross the road at the sign for the trail to the viewpoint and continue straight ahead on the trail back to the parking lots. Click on the link at the end of this entry for more information from Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation.

Queen Elizabeth Provincial Park
Lat: 56.2191280963 Long: -117.693540328

Located on the shores of Lac Cardinal, this park protects diverse forest habitats and offers excellent recreation and wildlife viewing. Water-based activities include swimming, boating, water-skiing, sailing and windsurfing.

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