Qualicum Landing

Qualicum Landing

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This loop includes a stretch of rocky beach, visits to the Qualicum First Nation and Big Qualicum River Fish Hatchery, and a pleasant walk along quiet country roads.

Directions:  From the intersection of the Old Island Highway (19A) and Horne Lake Road in Qualicum Bay, drive west to the parking area for the Big Qualicum River Fish Hatchery.

After parking, walk south along River Road to the five-way intersection.  Turn right on Horne Lake Road, cross Leon Road and continue straight ahead on Berkshire Road.  Follow the road around to the left as it becomes Marshall Road.  Turn right on Dunsmuir Road, and right on Bradshaw Road.  Follow Bradshaw Road around to the left as it turns into Goodyear Road.  Cross the highway and follow the driveway into the Qualicum Landing.  Follow the road around to the left  to Van Isle Road.  At the intersection of Van Isle Road and the highway turn right on to the beach access.  Continue along the beach until you come to some large boulders that cover the outfall from a small pond at the beginning of the Qualicum First Nation Campsite.  As you detour inland around the boulders, look for a dirt road that runs along the beach through the campsite.  Follow the road to the highway. Turn left on the highway, then right on Fisheries Road and return to the beginning.

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