Pipers Lagoon


One of the most picturesque trails in Nanaimo.  The view of the Shack Islands will warm the heart of any Newfie.  When the tide is out you can cross the lagoon’s outlet to the isthmus and the Shack Islands


Directions:  From the intersection of Hammond Bay Road and Stephenson Point Road, drive east on Stephenson.  Keep to the left just after Budehaven Drive and park near the end of Stephenson Point Road in front of 2 large concrete road dividers, across from a fire hydrant and the Public Access to the Viewpoint.

The trail starts behind the concrete barriers and follows the power line a short distance before heading up hill.  Keep to the right and follow the trail to Ellis Place.  Turn right on Planta Road and then right on Walkway Road, – the trail just past Devon Estates.  Turn left on Bonnie Drive, right on Hammond Bay Road and right on the “Beach Access” trail beside Chinook Road.  Keep to the right near the bottom and cross the park to the beach.  Continue past the parking area and information sign out on to the isthmus.  It is necessary to scramble up over the first rocky headland unless the tide is low enough to walk around on the gravel beach.  Keep to the right on the trail around the second rocky headland and pay attention to the sign asking you to respect and preserve the native plant community.  Return the way you came, making a short detour to the washrooms before turning left on the trail behind the washrooms.  Follow the trail up hill to Hammond Bay Road; turn left and left again on Planta Road.  Turn left on Budehaven Drive and take the trail at the end.  Turn right after the fence then keep to the left staying on the trail rather than the road.  Keep to the right at the bottom, turn left on Stephenson Point Road and return to the start.  Total time for this 4.59 Km trail is 1 hour 20 minutes.

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